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 Mission Statement

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Chrissie Kline

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PostSubject: Mission Statement   Fri May 21, 2010 3:25 am


We, followers of Christ, the Invisible and Universal Church, are unmistakably called to "go IN-to all the world". But so stands the fact that we are "NOT OF the world, just as I [Christ] am not of it". How does one mix the two? In what ways can we engage our culture, get in with the crowd, without becoming like them in doing so? How can we shine our light of truth in a suffocatingly dark world - and do so in the most loving, convincing way possible?

All throughout the book of John, and echoed in the Synoptic Gospels, we find the simple truth that Jesus constantly engaged the culture. He met people where they were, on their level. In His most perfect wisdom He hung around them, "partied" with them, befriended them - against all odds, and, of course, political and religious propaganda. Yet He remained sinless. His very presence in their midst forced the people - Jewish, Disciple, or Gentile alike - to make a choice. They could take everything He had, was, and offered them, or they could reject Him completely once and for all. We are called to follow in His footsteps and HIs example.

The aim of the INO Project is three fold:
  • To unite the churches of this city, God's city, under one banner, with one mind, and one purpose.
  • To engage the culture in a way that reflects Christ's love and shows a Christian's lack of need for anything the world has to offer.
  • To go beyond "religion", over and above the ritualistic nature and "must do" attitude of the general church body.

Unite the Churches
No denomination. Completely like-minded.

The first fold of INO's aim is just that. Remove the barrier minor disputable differences that can cause conflict. The creed of INO must be accepted and displayed by all participants.
  • Christ is the Son of God, the resurrected atonement for all sin.
  • Salvation is a gift of Grace - not something that can be earned or "maintained".
  • The love of God is AGAPE love - completely unconditional and ALREADY expressed to all people, regardless of their current stance with Him.
  • Confession, Repentance, Acceptance
  • Baptism as an ordinance of obedience, not a requirement for salvation.

The INO Project will not neglect it's own! Those who give of their time and gas money to come out weekly, or even daily, will be ministered to within the Project itself. Every second week, on the seventh (unused) day, we will have a fellowship for all who have at one time or another participated. Like-ages will get together for praise, for pure fellowship, and for a study to keep our focus simple and sharp.

Each day we will meet in a central location for a worship session. Praise bands and sound volunteers will differ daily. Churches will only be allowed to help in one area daily (outside of the activities themselves). For the daily activities, each church must diffuse into the different groups going out for an over-all representation.

Engage the Culture
Meet the people on their level, wherever they are at.

Find the bulk of the people. Engage them, befriend them. The INO Project sends groups of people out into the most heavily populated areas with activities to draw whole crowds in at a time. Six different activities, six different days a week - each at the same time on the same day to build comfort and familiarity with the locals of the areas touched. The scope will span all coastline territory from Murrell's Inlet to North Myrtle Beach - with the vision to spread further inland as we grow.

Current Activities Include:
  • Volleyball on the beaches (or in the gym if raining)
  • Walking of the Shopping Centers / Starbucks hangouts (even if raining)
  • Ultimate Frisbee in the parks (or in the gym if raining)
  • The Boulevard (even if raining) / The Playgrounds (indoor ones if raining)
  • Bowling allies (even when raining)
  • There will be opportunities for other ministries to be implicated as a second choice to a day's activities.

Different activities may have age restrictions set on them due to their nature and location. All activities require an age of fourteen (14) years or older to participate (exception - playgrounds and shopping centers where families can go together). Spiritual maturity is a must and groups will be monitored by leaders to ensure stability and correctness in approach, as well as to uphold the light of Christ as perfectly as humanly possible.

Go Beyond "Religion"
Not because you "have to", "it's right", "I want to do good for once" - But because you have been called by the Holy Spirit to participate.

The right attitude is the largest building block of the INO Project. Christianity is not a religion - it is a lifestyle. Nothing less. To live as Christ is to do His will, and His work. The sole purpose of life is to glorify God.

All INO church partners must complete the required Bible study before joining in on the activities. We will start each day with all-out worship, abandonment of ourselves and our wants, in exchange for a centralized, concentrated focus on God and His will for this day in this city. Each person must have a heart to reach out and love the lowest of people, the mind to speak to them on whatever level is necessary, the eyes to spot them out of the most crowded sections, the feet to reach the darkest and grimiest of areas, and the hands to touch the vilest of offenders.

~ He is God of this city. It is time for the Invisible, Universal Church to take a stand, to move from their earthly foundations, to shine a light where darkness controls almost all. ~
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Mission Statement
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